Maintenance Request form

If you require repairs or maintenance to your dwelling, please complete this form and either deliver or fax it to the managing agent. Where no agent exists, the form should be forwarded to the THA on (02) 9260-2060. A copy of the form should be retained for your records and follow up action.

Contact Details
All phone numbers must be 10 digits including area code.


  1. While every effort will be made to have repair or maintenance work carried out within a reasonable period of time, some delay may occur because of the nature of the problem (i.e. whether it is minor, general or urgent), the availability of licensed contractors, the contractor’s current workload and the location of the dwelling concerned;

  2. The managing agent is required to obtain prior approval from the THA when repair or maintenance work is likely to cost more than $1250 (eg carpet replacement, painting etc);

  3. If a contractor is called out and the repair or maintenance work results from a faulty appliance owned by you, or no problem is found, or you have failed to keep an appointment made with the contractor, you will be charged a service call out fee.



If I am not available to provide the approved contractor with reasonable access to the dwelling during business hours, I hereby agree to provide a key, or authorise the managing agent to release a spare key to the contractor to carry out the repairs or maintenance work listed above.

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