Local Housing Representatives (LHR)

Local Housing Representatives

Being new to a rural or remote community can be a daunting time for a teacher – particularly early in their career. As such, support from another teacher, experienced in the local area and with knowledge of THA procedures, is invaluable in terms of providing support upon a teacher’s arrival in a new community.

THA oversees a network of Local Housing Representatives who, in most instances are elected by the local Teacher Association. As teachers in rural and remote communities they provide their time on a voluntarily basis and play an important role in communicating with THA and its teacher tenants.

As well as providing a point-of-contact for newly appointed teachers their role includes recommending tenancy allocations (particularly in relation to proposed sharing arrangements), keeping abreast of local teacher demands and liaison with THA on policy matters and proposed capital programs.

THA host a Local Housing Representatives conference periodically.  It is an ideal opportunity to say thanks for the positive contribution these representatives make to the service THA provides. Attendees provide feedback on the service THA provides and are informed of THA past and current activities and strategic plans.