Vacancy Advice

Vacating THA Housing

There are 3 things that you must do when preparing to move out:

  1. Advise us in writing that you will be moving out by completing our Vacancy Advice Form
  2. Contact your Managing Agent to schedule the end of tenancy inspection and return of keys
  3. Clean the property and arrange any work needed to return the property to the same condition as when you moved in. Please refer to our Vacating Checklist for things to consider before vacating the property.

Please be aware you must give 21 days’ notice in writing to end the agreement after the fixed term of your Residential Tenancy Agreement has expired. If the fixed term is due to expire, you can give 14 days’ written notice that you will be vacating on or after the expiry date. Once we receive your Vacancy Advice Form, we will confirm your vacating date in writing and provide you with information about finalising your tenancy. Rent is chargeable to the end of your required notice period, keys must be returned on or before your vacating date r rent will be charged until the date your keys are received by your Agent.

If you need to move out urgently, for a short notice employment transfer for example, we may reduce the notice period. Please contact your Tenancy Services Officer on 1300 137 343 or email to discuss your situation.

Please Note:

  • Your keys must be returned to your Agent’s office. Please factor in travel to the Agent’s office during business hours in your vacating plans. Leaving keys with your flatmate, neighbour or principal is not an acceptable way to end your tenancy, unless previously arranged with Teacher Housing or your Managing Agent. 
  • Please remember to disconnect your utilities and re‑direct your mail to your new address.